Creative Project

Link to quiz: For my creative project, I created an interactive quiz that tells you “what Netflix original content program are you?” inspired by my research topic of Netflix original content.  To make my quiz, I used a website called, which generated a template format for my questions, answers, and final personalities corresponding […]

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Research Paper Rough Draft

Netflix evolved from its original mail-order video service into the original content giant it is today, thanks to its chief content officer Ted Sarandos.  Sarandos is a visionary who transformed Netflix into a “full-fledged studio that is competing dollar for dollar with a crowded field of rivals for Hollywood’s top stars, directors, show-runners and writers.” […]

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Final Website Self-Assessment

Over the course of the semester, my website became more personalized overall and has morphed into something that I am genuinely proud of.  Through the process of writing more blog entries, adding more categories, and adding my footprint to it, the website took a shape of its own.  The website making process as a whole […]

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Rough Draft: Creative Project

For my creative project, I’m choosing to make a quiz that tells you what Netflix original content program you are.  The quiz consists of 10 questions, with each response correlating to a particular program.  Each question will have six responses, each one correlating to one of the six programs that you can get in the […]

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Annotated Bibliography

Hilderbrand, Lucas. “The Art of Distribution: Video on Demand.” JSTOR, Film Quarterly: Vol. 46, No. 2, 2010, Winter, www-jstor Lucas Hilderbrand, assistant professor of Media Studies at the University of California Irvine, details the rise of video on demand (VOD).  First, he describes and gives an in-depth explanation of what defines VOD content and where […]

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Personal Essay

As consumers, we use television to help escape our daily, hectic lives.  It’s a way for us to immerse ourselves in a world that is far from our own, giving us a bird’s-eye view to the lives and problems of others.  These characters are not only entertainment, but we become invested in their lives.  We […]

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